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Science/Math Education (BA :Liberal Studies), technically educate your clientele, (MBA) understand the business model, and social scientist (PhD Organizational Psychology) understand the culture and cultural requirements.

                 David Colquhoun, PhD

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Representing extant and emergent Sensor and Thermal Technology: through Sales Research and Development
Market Sectors:
Semiconductor Technology
Analytical Instrumentation
TE Sensors & BriskHeat & Interlink Electronics - Northern California
Capacitec  & Kahn Instruments - California


By Principles


BriskHeat offers 50 years of experience in flexible heating solutions; they pioneered the use of resistance fabric heater technology  for semiconductor grade heating solutions: gas abatement, and liquid and gas transfer lines. BriskHeat has Class 10 capability and uniform watt control offering the best in class thermal solutions.

Our custom researched thermal management solutions, will be bench tested and thermal profiled to your system requirement in full dynamic configuration. 

Our technology offers thermal management to elevated temperatures of 600°C (unsuitable for precise control in extruded silicon jacketing).

BriskHeat offers uniform temperature control of small gasline (>1/2")and flow structures through an implementation of inner liner of aluminized foil creating thermal diffusion effect that supercedes conductive heat transfer heating alone.

BriskHeat as well builds Hot Bonder for fabrication repair in carbon composition structures.

Let us see what we can heat and insulate for you.

18 years experience...

KAHN Instruments

Kahn specializes in sensors for detection of moisture in gas streams. Detection is either by ceramic capacitive sensor down to parts per billion or optical methods with single and multiple stage cooling for accurate dew point detection in the gas stream. Offfers capabilities in vacuum, high pressure (6500 psi) and in explosive environments.

TE Sensor Solutions

TE  is the leading designer and manufacturer of mems based sensors. Specifically in the areas of pressure, temperature, relative humidity and magnetic restrictive sensors. With core competency in silicon based strain technology we have extended this through lines of sensor in force, acceleration and pressure.

At present we are the world leader in all phases of thermal sensoring and probe construction from platinum (RTD), nickel, thermistor (NTC and PTC) and thermocouple construction probes. We offer A - Z services from our own platinum foundry and nickel foundry works through custom cabled and  interconnect of sensors.


We are pioneers in the area piezopolymer technology: offering a wide variety of custom form factors for dynamic force detection - physically and acoustical at all wavelengths.

TE is deeply involved in all sectors of the sensor market from aerospace, industrial and consumer.

Contact us for you sensing requirements.

24 years experience...


Capacitec offers sensor technology advancing the capacitive principle of measurement physics to  displacement measurement design.


Our customers seek precision movement detectors, part-dimensional sizing, thin gap measures, planar and parallelism metrics.

Capacitec supports markets where a more sophisticated ruler is required and in areas where traditional sensors cannot fit or survive the environment. Capacitive sensor survive in severe environments of high temperature, magnetic fields, high radiation and vacuum.

Offering performance into the manometric range on sensing precision under static and dynamic (DC to >32 kHz). OEM sensors for the most demanding displacement sensing applications. Specializing in semiconductor manufacturing equipment of wafter and flat parallelism.

We offer a line of Bluetooth wafer and gap sensing instruments to align, parallelize and reference metrics for system dynamics in vacuumed processing chamber. We have come the standard in gap high demanding gap applications in aerospace, semiconductor and metrology. We offer definitive gap measure technology for the planet.

27 years experience...


David Colquhoun, Ph.D. - Managing Partner


Public Profile

Dan Codella - Sales Associate


thermal and sensing TECHNOLOGy: BriskHeat, TE, CROCUS & TEKSCAN 





Patrick Roth -SALES & Engineering Associate - BriskHeat Group Manager


Peter Domanico - Sales Associates

Sensor Technologies - TE Sensors and  Crocus Technology



Robert Colquhoun - ENGINEERING ASSOCIATE - Briskheat



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