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Analog Associates, LLC

Representing extant and emergent sensor/thermal/acoustic technology
- sales research and development

Design-in of heaters/sensors/acoustic technology

Gasline heater design, repair and maintenance

     Market Sectors



Industrial Power

Battery development & manufacture

BriskHeat ,Soundcoat, EI Sensor , Therm-x-  Northern California & Northern Nevada
Capacitec  &  Measurement LTD-  California & Nevada
Taskill -  United States
Fab Services -  Western United States


Science/Engineering Sales & Service - Sensor /Thermal/Acoustic

Technology - OEM Design

Technically educate the client, understand the business model, interpret the cultural/organizational requirements: for technology exchange and revenue relationship.

                 David Colquhoun, PhD

         Sales Scientist & Managing Partner

                 Analog Associates, LLC

                              Manufacturers' Representatives



By Principles

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BriskHeat offers 50 years of experience in flexible heating solutions; they pioneered the use of resistance fabric heater technology  for semiconductor grade heating solutions: gas abatement, and liquid and gas transfer lines. BriskHeat has Class 10 capability and uniform watt control offering the best in class thermal solutions.

Our custom researched thermal management solutions, will be bench tested and thermal profiled to your system requirement in full dynamic configuration. 

Our technology offers thermal management to elevated temperatures of 600°C (unsuitable for precise control in extruded silicon jacketing).

BriskHeat offers uniform temperature control of small gasline (>1/2")and flow structures through an implementation of inner liner of aluminized foil creating thermal diffusion effect that supercedes conductive heat transfer heating alone.

BriskHeat as well builds Hot Bonder for fabrication repair in carbon composition structures.

Let us see what we can heat and insulate for you.

20 years experience...


Soundcoat specializes in engineered foam solutions for acoustic, vibration and dampening requirements.

We offer high temperature and hydrophilic solutions to noise abatement, control and protection from the outside environment and from the noise generation to outside environment.

These solutions are employed in aerospace(acoustic load protection), semiconductor metrological instruments (local noise rejection) to power generation sets (local noise control).

We offer engineered surveys of near field and far field acoustic of your tool design and safe application of the operating environment.

Offering the latest in accost design using our acoustic camera latest WAVE6 software and anechoic and reverse chamber on both coast.

And clean room facilities for aerospace builds. offers a complete line of thermal sensors and custom probe designs in the the technologies of NTC thermistor, RTD and thermocouple elements.

Formerly the group that ran and designed for US Sensor, after the purchase by Little Fuse has been reconstituted into EI Sensors.

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Fab Services

   With our extensive background in BriskHeat heater systems - we currently design, install and maintain heater systems      throughout fabs in Silicon Valley, California and the Western United States - let us know your requirements, and we will bring skills and expertise to your next project.

Capacitec offers sensor technology advancing the capacitive principle of measurement physics to  displacement measurement design.


Our customers seek precision movement detectors, part-dimensional sizing, thin gap measures, planar and parallelism metrics.

Capacitec supports markets where a more sophisticated ruler is required and in areas where traditional sensors cannot fit or survive the environment. Capacitive sensor survive in severe environments of high temperature, magnetic fields, high radiation and vacuum.

Offering performance into the nanometric range on sensing precision under static and dynamic (DC to >32 kHz). OEM sensors for the most demanding displacement sensing applications. Specializing in semiconductor manufacturing equipment of wafter and flat parallelism.

We offer a line of Bluetooth wafer and gap sensing instruments to align, parallelize and reference metrics for system dynamics in vacuumed processing chamber. We have come the standard in gap high demanding gap applications in aerospace, semiconductor and metrology. We offer definitive gap measure technology for the planet.

30 years experience...

Taskill is a division of Fishman Transducers. Exploiting the same technology that offers world-class acoustic musical pickups for industrial and consumer applications in sleep, athletics and  hydrophones  for discovery and communication in air and water mediums.
Piezo sensors in PDVF and Coploymer. Custom design, implementation, and manufacture of piezo materials. Open design discussion copolymer technology in tamper-proof applications.
Experienced in all phases and types of piezo sensors for hydrophones, sleep, tamper and use in sheet and cable form factors, including tamper film use design.
Contact Analog Associates
David Colquhoun, Ph.D. 415.279.2261




Measurement LTD specializes in custom fabricated pressure sensors. They have the engineering staff to design and manufacture to order - primarily isolated pressure devices in mems structures and solid front  end for consumer, industrial and semiconductor clientele.

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Therm-x specializes in the development and contract construction of heater and thermal systems.

With an expertise in semiconductor tool construction with focus on heating and thermal sensing elements.


Please send an email or give us a call to discuss your opportunity.


David Colquhoun, Ph.D.

Tel: 415.279.2261

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David Colquhoun, Ph.D. - Managing Partner    415.279.2261

Patrick Roth -Fab Services Manager​    415.519.4676
Robert Colquhoun - Field Service Engineer  510.305.4385

George Rodriquez - Field Service Engineer - Team lead - 209.609.6802



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