Manufacturing & Consumer Goods:

The manufacturing field is a crucial sector for Analog Associates, as this is where we see our solutions that facilitate the production of goods and materials play out on a large scale. In addition to successfully designing in sensing technology for the manufacturing line itself – enabling automation and increased efficiency – our line card includes solutions providers for component-level electronics such as pressure transducers, temperature sensors and force transducers. 

We have multiple OEM designs that have allowed some of the most widely used consumer devices such as home thermostats, fitness trackers and smart home appliances to be produced at scale with careful consideration for controlling cost and build complexity.  

However, our target customers in this realm are not strictly those who’s product will have a global impact with complex production considerations. We frequently align customers with our manufacturers for small-scale prototype applications as well. 

Being open to innovative ideas that have yet to reach production level allows Analog Associates the invaluable opportunity to foster long-standing relationships that see products go from theory to mass production in a responsible, sustainable – and perhaps most importantly – profitable life cycle. 

Most of our line card includes manufacturers that are well-positioned to help your company adapt to current demands for IoT-enabled production lines as well, underscoring our holistic approach to helping companies solve problems from the ground up. 

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