Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Accoustic treatments for both environmental and apparatus applications are often the most overlooked aspects of any design. At Soundcoat, their core focus is to unravel the “why” of this question.

The answer, as with most of our Principals companies, is generally addressed with careful consideration of every aspect of the problem at hand. From inspecting every sound-generating component in your device, to modeling the reverberation field in your company space – be it an office, a warehouse or an arena –  Soundcoat’s engineering team will take every possible measure to quiet or silence unwanted sound or vibration. 

Core Markets and Service Offerings

  • On-Site Power Generation
    • Enclosure Damping
    • Environmental Treatments
  • Gyms
    • Fitness Equipment Damping
    • Environmental Treatments
  • Aerospace
    • Payload Bay Treatments
    • Hydrophobic Fuselage Insulation 
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Noise and Vibration Reduction
  • Manufacturing
    • Facility Noise Abatement
    • Equipment Noise & Vibration Reduction
    • Warehouse Noise Abatement
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