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We have been proud to be a Briskheat representative for nearly 30 years. Currently Celebrating their 75th anniversary, Briskheat manufactures flexible surface heating solutions, system controls, and insulating accessories for nearly limitless applications.

With a broad range of experience in designing heaters for viscosity control, condensation prevention, process heat, and freeze protection applications, Briskheat has become the world-wide leader in flexible surface heat and heat trace applications for piping, vessels, pumps, valves, and other objects.

Briskheat’s core technology, a multi-stranded resistance wire that has become an industry standard, provides their products with durability and flexibility that is unmatched by competitors. With the optional 360° braided ground shield providing 100% ground coverage for safety, their heating elements are made with a variety of outer materials to suite any industry, from biomedical to agricultural to semiconductor.

Analog Associates is proud to partner with Briskheat as their local service team in the western US, contact us today to discuss your process heating and temperature control needs!


Founded Date1947
Installer Since2002

Semiconductor Industrial Power



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